Roundabout 7.3.18



Our speaker on July 10 will be Linda Pisano, the new chairperson of IU’s Department of Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance. Linda is an award-winning costume designer for theater, opera, and ballet. She has headed the department’s costume program and design and technology area and has directed the department’s study abroad program in London.



In Memory of John Miller, M.D.


Long-time Rotarian John Miller, M.D., former director of the Indiana University Student Health Service and athletics physician, died on June 27 at the age of 89. His memorial service, held at First Christian Church on July 1, was attended by many family members and friends, including a number of Rotarians. Unfortunately, John’s wife Gerri fell on Saturday, June 30, and had hip surgery on July 1 and was unable to attend the service.

Beginning in 1957, John dedicated his professional career to Indiana University, providing medical care to thousands of students and student-athletes. He became Director of the Student Health Service in 1962 and continued to treat patients until 1978, when he was appointed Director of Sports Medicine by the Student Health Service and the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. He was also appointed to the faculty in the School of Public Health, where he taught in the graduate athletic training curriculum, supervised students, and published articles on the management of student health services, ethics in athletic medicine, and care of injured athletes. John retired from the university in 1994.

John served on many health-related organizations, including terms as president of several of them. He was also active in the Bloomington community, especially at First Christian Church, Monroe County United Ministries, and the Salvation Army. He was inducted as a fellow by the American College of Sports Medicine and the American College Health Association, and he was designated a Sagamore of the Wabash. John received the E. Ross Barkley Award from Indiana University in recognition of his outstanding service to the university and the community. The Terry Tallen Indiana Football Complex includes the Dr. John M. Miller Training Room in honor of his contributions to the athletic program. John, who had been a member of our Rotary club for 39 years, was a Paul Harris Fellow and served as president of our club in 1995-1996.


Rotary Scholar Kaz Fukuda Lends Legal Expertise to Lao


Kaz Fukuda and his wife, Lisa, joined District Governor Judy Bush and Rotary International President Ian Riseley for a photo at the May 10 Bloomington Rotary Centennial Gala


Rotary Global Grant Scholar Kaz Fukuda of Yokohama, Japan, was part of an Indiana University Center for Constitutional Democracy team that visited Lao (Laos) May 21-29. Following the visit, the team will determine if IU can provide ongoing legal technical support to the Lao government’s constitutional reform efforts.

Kaz is sponsored by Rotary District 2590, centered in Yokohama, with District 6580 serving as his host sponsor. Since arriving in Bloomington in summer 2016, Kaz has spoken at many District 6580 clubs and at two district conferences. Kaz expects to complete his Ph.D. at IU in 2021-2022.

Kaz is the second Global Grant Scholar our district has hosted from Japan. Jun Takahashi, also from Yokohama, is working on a Ph.D. in Education at IU. This summer District 6580 will send Aubrey Seader, its first outbound Global Grant Scholar, to King’s College London to pursue a master’s degree in Arts & Cultural Administration.




Outgoing President Mike Baker

 Mike Baker reviewed the past year, which was a very busy one for our club, culminated by the Bloomington Rotary Centennial Gala on May 10. Mike thanked the Board of Directors for their efforts over the year, and thanked the wonderful sponsors of our Centennial Gala. He noted that this past Rotary year our club has had 25 Paul Harris Fellows named. Mike pointed out that a panoramic photo of all our club members who attended the gala is available for purchase. The gala was a huge success, with 280 people in attendance representing 25 different Rotary clubs. We successfully made the gala a project of all three Bloomington Rotary clubs, and (with Jim Bright’s help) were able to attract Ian Riseley, the President of Rotary International, as our keynote speaker. The beautiful program for the gala included valuable information about the history of the three Bloomington clubs, as well as a list of presidents who have served these clubs.

Mike went through the entire list of committees that were functioning over the past year, spelling out the responsibilities and major projects of the committees and asking committee chairs and members who were present to stand and be recognized for their service. For the program committee, he listed the specific programs that were presented in the last year and noted the wide variety of topics covered. Henk Haitjema confirmed that Elsa Marston’s book I Just Kept Walking has been translated into French and that the French edition will be published very soon. When published, we will give each student at the College des Savoirs in Mpasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, a copy. With all that has been accomplished in the past year, Mike concluded by stating that “We are making a difference!” (Making a Difference was the Rotary theme for the 2017-18 Rotary year.)

Finally, Mike introduced the incoming president, Loren Snyder, by sharing some information about him, including that he eats dog food, loves the color yellow, loves the TV program The Bachelor, and is an over-the-top Butler Bulldogs fan. He is also quite a dancer, as evidenced by the photo Mike shared. Mike then gave Loren the club president’s pin to make the presidential transition official, and Mike received his second standing ovation of the meeting.


Incoming President Loren Snyder

Loren began by unveiling the banner with the 2018-19 Rotary theme, “Be the Inspiration.” Loren noted that the club will have a tree planted in Mike’s honor in a Bloomington park of his choice. Loren was honored to represent our club at Rotary International Convention in Toronto. He really enjoyed the conference and the people he met there. The conference included time for fun and friends, including an Edge Walk around the circumference of the roof of the CN Tower (similar to the Seattle Space Needle) – with no railings – but with a harness for safety.

Loren sought to stress the difference between blue and dazzling blue. Rotary needs to do things in a dazzling way, not just do things. He illustrated the difference that dazzling makes in several ways. For example, we all have seen chalked announcements or messages on sidewalks – that is “blue” – but a 3-D like chalked picture on the sidewalk of a hole, into which it appears you could fall – that is “dazzling blue.” How are we differentiating Rotary to attract new members? How does Rotary become “dazzling blue” instead of just “blue?”  We need to examine what we do internally first, then move on to external matters.

Loren spelled out his goals for the next year:

  • Update and add member photos on our club data base
  • Increase Rotary app usage to 50% of our club
  • Create a program of “lunch buddies” – once a quarter
  • Have “Happy Bucks” every week
  • Stop giving speaker gifts – instead give a donation to a charity every quarter to honor our speakers
  • Collaborate more with the Sunrise and Thursday Bloomington Rotary Clubs
  • Tell our story in many ways, including Bloom magazine, billboards, perhaps Facebook advertising
  • Grow our number of young professional members

Loren believes we can grow our number of young professionals by:

  • Leading with service – have a service project once a month – not every service project needs to involve large numbers of people
  • Have social events that are fun and help to build relationships – at least 6 per year
  • Add value to young professionals by having informative programs and professional mentorships

The biggest competition for Rotary is “life.” He believes that young professionals want Rotary. In his view, Rotary is a modern volunteer organization which is creating social change in our community and in global society.  We can “Be the Inspiration.”

Loren will be sending out a three-question survey shortly for our response:

  1. Why did you join Rotary?
  2. What keeps you in Rotary?
  3. What could drive you away from Rotary?

Loren rang the bell to end the meeting, and then we repeated the 4-Way Test plus one.



President Mike Baker led the meeting until the presidential changeover midway through the meeting. Bill Perkins greeted us, and Joy Harter led the pledge and reflection. Joy began by wishing everyone a “Happy New Year” as we transition from one amazing president (Mike Baker) to another (Loren Snyder). At this point Mike Baker got his first standing ovation of the meeting.


Joy quoted the new vision statement adopted by the Rotary International Board of Directors a year ago: “Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.” Barry Rassin, the new President of Rotary International, described this vision statement as follows: “That simple sentence distills so much of what is essential about Rotary. We unite, because we know that we are far stronger together than we could ever be alone. We take action, because we are not dreamers, but doers. We work to create lasting change that will endure long after our involvement has ended – across the globe and in our communities. And perhaps most important of all, we work to create change in ourselves – not just building a better world around us, but becoming better people ourselves.”  The Rotary theme for this next year is “Be the Inspiration,” and Joy believes this may be the best theme we have ever had. We want to let Rotary help us inspire the world.


Kate Cruikshank introduced guests:

Anne Bright, guest of Jim Bright

Monica Peterson, Red Cross, Visiting Rotarian from the Indianapolis Rotary Club

Katelyn Lipa, Red Cross, guest of Monica Peterson and prospective new member

Aubrey Seader, Global Grant Scholar, guest of Kim Gray

Michael Bubalo, Edward Jones, guest of Earon Davis


Member birthdays this week:

Keith Klein, July 4

Joyce Poling, July 4

Byron Bangert, July 7


Member anniversaries this week:

 David Rogers, 20 years

Jon Dilts, 20 years

 Bill Perkins, Reporter
Charlie Osborne
, Photographer