Roundabout 7.17.18


Our speaker on July 24 will be Dan Peterson, Vice President, Industry and Government Affairs, Cook Group, Inc. Since joining Cook in 1989, Peterson has held a variety of leadership roles in the areas of operations, finance and accounting, and human resources. His current work focuses on policy and programs in healthcare delivery as well as economic, education, and workforce development. He holds two degrees from I.U., a B.S. in biology and an MBA in finance. We will be meeting in the Georgian Room.



Bloomington Rotary Club Board Meeting


The Bloomington Rotary Club Board of Directors will hold its first meeting of the Rotary year on Thursday, July 19, at noon at Noodles and Company in Eastland Plaza.


Please complete the President’s 3-question survey


During his presentation at our transition meeting two weeks ago, President Loren Snyder asked us to respond to a 3-question survey. If you haven’t already done so, please complete the survey using the following link: Your input is greatly appreciated.


Twelve Months of Service: Opportunity for July


Loren Snyder has challenged our club to have at least one service opportunity every month during his tenure as president. The July opportunity was presented to us by the Volunteer Coordinator of the Bloomington Swim Club, Lisa Alsop:

Indiana University is hosting the Senior State Meet at the Counsilman-Billingsley Aquatic Center on the IU campus July 18-22. The Bloomington Swim Club is assisting in hosting by providing volunteers. There are over 300 slots to fill positions such as hospitality, registration, and timing. Many Bloomington Swim Club members have signed up; however, they do not have enough to fill all the positions. They are hoping that some Rotarians and community members (invite a friend to serve) might be interested in helping to host this fantastic event. There is free parking and an event T-shirt.

There are many different positions, time blocks, and duties.  A description of the different positions/opportunities is attached. They are utilizing Sign Up Genius to fill the spots, so if you are interested:
1. Visit
2. Click on “Click Here to Volunteer” in RED in middle of page.
3. Sign up for a time slot/position via Sign Up Genius.
4. Questions? Please contact either:
Lisa Alsop, Bloomington Swim Club Volunteer Coordinator.
Amy Terry, Bloomington Swim Club President.


Volunteers Needed for Supply Drive


The Teachers Warehouse 2018 supply drive is just around the corner. The supplies donated provide TW with staples for about six months. Sara Laughlin is asking for volunteers to work two-hour shifts outside the College Mall Kroger’s on August 4. That same day the Bloomington Exchange Club will be collecting supplies at Staples, the Bloomington Sunrise and North clubs will be at Walmart, and Teachers Warehouse staff will be at Office Depot.

Here is the link to sign up:

You can also sign up by emailing Sara and letting her know your preferred time and location.


From The Herald-Times: Rotary Race for Literacy raises $4,342

“The ‘Rotary Race for Literacy’ 5K Run/Walk on June 9 raised a record-setting $4,342 for local nonprofit Teachers Warehouse. Teachers Warehouse is a nonprofit school supply store with no cash register. The store is designed to assist teachers by providing basic educational supplies for children to help them learn. For more information, visit”

(This is part of an article in the H-T, page B8, July 17, 2018.)


OUR JULY 17 MEETING:  Bill Brown, Executive Director of the Indiana University Center for Rural Engagement


Kyla Cox Deckard introduced our speaker, Bill Brown, Executive Director of the Indiana University Center for Rural Engagement. Bill is a native of Dale, Ind. He worked as an architect to design libraries and schools, including the first net-zero carbon footprint public library in the country. He served as Indiana University’s first Director of Sustainability, and he is an adjunct professor in the School of Public and Environment Affairs.


Bill began by indicating that the Center for Rural Engagement’s (CRE) mission is to improve Hoosier lives and communities by helping, or working with, the heroes in local communities. CRE is initially working in the 11-county “upland” area of the state, including Monroe County. CRE needs to connect with rural communities to understand their state of mind, their sense of community. He listed six goals of CRE:

  1. Improve the lives of Hoosiers
  2. Discover and deploy solutions to the problems facing rural communities
  3. Build durable and robust partnerships with rural communities and other regional organizations
  4. Work with our partners to develop a sense of a shared future
  5. Educate and mobilize an IU student volunteer force to support the needs of rural communities
  6. Demonstrate how a research university’s broad resources can improve the lives of those living here


Bill identified six critical areas for rural communities:

  1. Health and wellness
  2. Quality of place
  3. Educational attainment
  4. Resiliency
  5. Capacity building and leadership development
  6. Engage students and recent graduates in innovation and business creation in rural communities


As an example of a major project that has been undertaken with collaboration from many entities and individuals, the city of Jasper has begun demolition work as part of the $17 million Thyen-Clark Cultural Center project. When complete, the new facility will serve as the home of Jasper Community Arts and the Jasper Public Library. The cultural center is being built on the site of a vacant factory that is being demolished to make way for a brand new facility. The demolition is expected to take eight weeks, after which the city will hold a formal groundbreaking for the cultural center, which is scheduled to be completed in 2020. The project is being funded by the library and the city, as well as through tax credits from the Indiana Economic Development Corp. and community donations totaling nearly $5 million. Obviously not every community can marshal this kind of resources, but Bill hopes this type of project can be replicated on a smaller scale in other communities.


CRE was not directly involved in the Jasper project, but it has worked on several smaller projects in Lawrence County:

  • Avoca Fish Hatchery. The hatchery has been closed by the state, which is willing to give the property to the county. The question is how the county can use the site and how can it pay for needed work on the site. An IU class has prepared a report on the options and delivered it to the county.
  • Complete Streets (i.e., used by more than motorized vehicles). How can a community (in this case Bedford) increase the walkability and accessibility of streets and sidewalks? Again, a report has been prepared by an IU class.
  • What Moves You Mitchell? This is basically a public health campaign aimed at residents of Mitchell.


What’s next? CRE has ongoing efforts to address addiction and mental health problems in rural communities in coordination with IU’s Grand Challenges and the School of Social Work. It also will begin projects with Orange County. Bill believes that CRE has made a lot of progress in the first 93 working days since the Center was established. For more information, see the CRE’s Web site at or e-mail the Center at


In response to questions, Bill indicated that CRE was established by a $10 million, 3-year grant from the Lilly Endowment. The Center now has a staff of 15, with 3 men and 12 women, and it is working for more diversity in areas other than gender. He repeated that CRE is looking for heroes in local communities, and it wants to work with these heroes.



President Loren Snyder led the meeting and Mike Wade greeted us. Jean Emery led the pledge and reflection. Building on the reflections Glenda Murray has given on our past Rotary club presidents, Jean focused on many of the presidents our club has had since she became a member in 2002. Bryan Price welcomed her into the club; Judy Witt was the driving force behind Teachers Warehouse; Keith Klein pushed increasing the membership of our club; no one was nicer than Tim Trasher; Jon Dilts re-energized the club with more events; Jim Bright is the epitome of a Rotarian in every way; Joy Harter made Rotary fun by adding a fifth part of the four-way test; Sara Laughlin made the first Rotary Toast happen; Leslie Green stepped in at the last moment and did a great job; and Mike Baker had a great year, culminating with the Centennial Gala – the best event ever, according to Jean. Jean thanked the entire club for letting her be a part of Rotary.


Steve Moberly introduced guests:

Katelyn Lipa, American Red Cross, guest of Earon Davis

Lauren Bryant, Office of the IU Vice Provost for Research, guest of Michael Shermis

Evan Fruits, financial advisor, guest of Walt Koon

Pam Martindale, Ellettsville Chamber of Commerce, guest of Liz Irwin

Jane Cronkhite, Monroe County Public Library, guest of Marilyn Wood

Bob Brown, Visiting Rotarian

Katie Beck, IU Media School, guest of Earon Davis


Member birthdays this week:


Fred Dunn, July 20

Charlie Osborne, July 21

Ashley Sullivan, July 21


No member anniversaries this week.


Happy Dollars to support Teachers Warehouse were donated for a wide variety of reasons, including family reunions and vacations, high school reunions, a posting at an embassy, and a weekend class on preparing for a baby.


Loren’s thought for the day: Be like a postage stamp – stick to a thing until you get there!


Bill Perkins, Reporter
Charlie Osborne, Photographer