Roundabout 6.5.18

Roundabout – June 5, 2018

Next Meeting

The club will have a Family Fun Night at Wonderlab, 308 W. 4th, Tuesday, June 12, 6-8 p.m. This is an opportunity to bring your children, grandchildren, prospective members or family friends.

We are having Pizza X pizza. The cost for adults and teenagers (members and guests) is $11, our regular lunch price. Children 12 & under will be our guests for free.

You can park on the street and pay the meters or park in the Convention Center parking lot, which is free. Wonderlab is one block away, along the B-:Line Trail. The 4th and Walnut Garage at 105 W. 4th, is a block and a half away and you can park there for three hours for free.

If you have questions, contact Glenda Murray, or 812-332-6268.


This Week’s News

The Rotary Race for Literacy

We need runners! If you or a friend is a runner, sign up today for the annual Race for Literacy, which benefits Teachers Warehouse. The 5K race will be Saturday morning, June 9. Race monitors are still needed, says Ashley Sullivan. She promises, “We will have donuts. We will have coffee. We will have lots of fun.” Here is the link to register: Questions? Ask Ashley at or (765) 618-6803.


Owen Johnson presented a Rotary flag from the Bratislva Danube Club in Slovakia.


We celebrated a new month with Happy Dollars.


June 5 Program:

Jim McClelland is the state’s executive director for drug prevention, treatment, and enforcement. McClelland is the first person to hold the position that Gov. Holcomb created in January 2017. McClelland, who reports directly to the governor, spoke to the club about the epidemic of opioid addiction and overdoses. In addition to the deaths and terrible effect on people’s lives, McClelland noted the economic impact of $4 billion a year, or $11 million a day in Indiana.

McClelland noted that the epidemic started with the gross overuse of opioid prescription drugs. When people can no longer get prescription drugs, they turn to cocaine and meth. The country is now faced with treating addicts, helping people rebuild their lives, and caring for the children whose parents can no longer care for them.

The state has a number of priorities:

using Narcan (naloxone) to reverse over doses and save lives;

providing better opportunities for people to get prescription treatment against drugs;

providing better opportunities for mental health counseling;

providing recovery housing;

and helping the children who are affected.


There are 34 new treatment centers in Indiana in the last year and a half. The state is also expanding the use of peer coaches.

McClelland lauded IU for its response through the Grand Challenges. A number of research projects and programs started in January and another series of research and programs will begin later in the year. He noted the Indiana Chamber of Commerce has programs as well.

People in recovery need sober housing and employment or they are more likely to regress. McClelland noted that this epidemic escalated over a period of years and it will take years for us to recover as a society.




John Miller, 39 years


Jim Bright, June 5

Steve Ingle, June 11

Geoff McKim, June 11

Glenda Murray reflected on three father-son teams who have been our club presidents: Dr. George Frank Holland and Dr. Philip T. Holland; Robert Ellis and Jay Ellis; and Irvin Thrasher and his son, Tim Thrasher, who was in attendance.

Charlie Osborne was our greeter and introduced guests:

Frank Kerker, guest of Ann Connors

Sue Owens, guest of Michael Shermis

Linda McNabb, guest of Kyla Cox Deckard

Emma Ferguson, guest of Susie Graham


Glenda Murray, reporter

Charlie Osborne, photographer