Roundabout 5.7.19

Roundabout ~ May 7, 2019

Next Luncheon Program

Our club will present scholarships to graduating seniors from local high schools, presented by Scholarship Committee Chair Byron Bangert. Georgian Room.


This Week’s News

 Aubrey is a ‘big hit’

Global Grant Scholarship Chair Neil Beeton of District 1260 (near London) says Rotary Scholar Aubrey Seader (and her mom, Melinda) were a “big hit” at his club last week.

Neil writes: “Aubrey visited my Rotary Club (with her mum Melinda) last Wednesday, and she gave a polished and very stimulating presentation. I even managed to acquire a ukulele, and Aubrey gave us a singing and strumming demonstration which was received with wild applause. They were a delight to be with, and we enjoyed our chat during the short car journey back to the train station.”

Aubrey, who is working on a master’s degree in arts and culture management at Kings College London, will be back in Indiana in July and August, and she has already booked visits to the Terre Haute and Bedford Rotary clubs.

She plans to use storytelling in general and theater in particular to build bridges between different cultures.


Sign up today to support mothers and children at the It Takes a Village maternal health fair

Join Rotary volunteers from our club and from Sunrise and North to help out at the Saturday, May 18 “It Takes a Village” education and resource fair in support of moms, babies, and children.

The event will be at The Warehouse, 1525 S. Rogers Street, and volunteers are needed for two-hour shifts Saturday, May 18, starting at 10 a.m. and running through 6 p.m. We need 50+ volunteers to serve as hosts and hostesses at the event. Several Rotarians and family members, including Loren and his son, have signed up to help out all day.

To volunteer go to

Learn more about “It Takes a Village” at If you have trouble registering at the website, contact Co-Chair Jessika Hane at


 Race for Literacy is June 8

Rotary’s annual Race for Literacy, the largest fundraiser for Teachers Warehouse, will take place on Saturday, June 8. Volunteers and sponsors are needed to make the event possible. Contact Michael Shermis at for more information.



Job Opening: District seeks administrative assistant

Rotary Southern Indiana District 6580 plans to hire a part-time administrative assistant with the successful candidate starting July 1, 2019.

The ideal candidate will be an organized and detail-oriented professional who enjoys compiling and keeping information, helping people find answers, and serving others. Among other things, the administrative assistant also will help systematize events and efforts.

Most of the work associated with this position can be done at home with a few special events and meetings.

Responsibilities include club and district communication, record keeping, and event coordination.

The ideal candidate will be a current or former Rotarian, possess the ability to learn, understand, and adapt to different communication styles and possess excellent organization, communication, and prioritization skills.

This is a part-time, contracted position with 12-20 hours per week at $12 per hour.

Travel requirements are minimal.

For more information contact Jessika Hane (Search Committee Chair) at Jessika also is accepting cover letters and resumés at the same email address.  Deadline to apply:  May 24, 2019.


Franklin Rotary Club Centennial Celebration June 6

The Franklin Rotary Club would like to invite you to their Thursday, June 6 centennial celebration at Franklin College. For more info, go to:



Our May 7 Program: Bloomington Early Music Festival

Sally Gaskill introduced Alain Barker, fellow Rotarian and president of the Bloomington Early Music Festival.  Alain is a native of South Africa who came to Indiana University to pursue a master’s degree in music. He continued to earn a doctorate in music and has served in arts administration roles at the Jacobs School of Music, where he is currently the director of entrepreneurship and career development. He formerly served as the executive director of the Bloomington Early Music Festival (BLEMF).

Alain thanked Sally for her introduction and service to the BLEMF board.  Alain also acknowledged Charlotte Zietlow as his Rotary sponsor who helped him in his early days leading the BLEMF and his navigation of the Bloomington community.

Alain shared that early music, also known as historical performance, is a field that took off in the 1970s and 1980s. In 1994, early music students in Bloomington wanted to take their music into the community. It was a small trial that really took off. More than 25 years later, the festival is continuing to evolve.

Historical performance uses the stylistic aspects of the period of time, as well as using instruments from the time. Musicologists have done an enormous amount of research and the field has grown. The music of the time was fundamentally different from one country to another, and there is an extraordinary exploration of multicultural diversity in early music.

The Jacobs School of Music embraced the idea of historical music performance 39 years ago, and the Historical Performance Institute celebrates some of the most important historical performers in the world today. A conference takes place on the first day of the festival, which draws in people from around the world.

“Through the years, we have established a number of really important relationships,” Alain said of BLEMF’s engagement in the Bloomington community. Alain cited the Lotus organization as a key partner, also established in the same year as BLEMF.

Alain introduced Paulina Francisco, Jon Wasserman, and Adam Dillon, and welcomed them for a performance on stage. They encouraged Rotarians to join the BLEMF mailing list at and to attend the many performances and special events scheduled to take place May 17-25.


Our May 7 Celebration of Service

President-elect Earon Davis presided.

Efrat Feferman greeted Rotarians and guests.

Jim Capshew led the Pledge and reflection. Jim reflected upon the legacy of World War II and its meaning in human history. Nazi Germany surrendered to Allied forces 74 years ago, and Japan continued to fight for four more months until the United States dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The deployment of atomic bombs “ushered in a new regime of the control of fire by humans,” Jim shared. Anthropologists say that the use of fire is an essential difference between humans and other animals. With the tragic toll of 50 million deaths in World War II, the war also marked the date that humans added atomic fire to our arsenal of natural fire, agricultural fire, and industrial fire.

As part of his quest to visit a Rotary Club in all 50 states, Guinn Massey of The Rotary Club of Sherwood, Arkansas joined us for the May 7 luncheon. Bloomington Rotary marks the 235th Rotary club — and Indiana becomes the 35th state – where he has visited a club.  Earlier in the day, he visited the Rotary Club of Batavia, Ohio and, after our luncheon, he was on his way to Carbondale, IL before heading home to Arkansas. Guinn (left) exchanged club banners with President-Elect Earon Davis.

Michael Shermis introduced guests:

  • Guinn Massey, visiting Rotarian from the Sherwood, Arkansas Club
  • Nathan Fischer, guest of Alain Barker
  • Shelley Taylor, guest of Alain Barker and Sally Gaskill
  • Paulina Francisco, guest of Alain Barker
  • Adam Dillon, guest of Alain Barker
  • Jon Wasserman, guest of Alain Barker
  • Evan Fruits, guest of Walt Koon
  • Rebecca Zietlow, guest of Charlotte Zietlow


Rotarians in the news

Congratulations to Glen Steenberger’s wife, Maria, and daughter, Gabrielle, who graduated from IU at the same May 4 ceremony.

They were featured in a front-page story in the May 4 Herald-Times.


 Birthdays (May 7-13)

  • Judy Schroeder, May 5
  • Joy Harter, May 6
  • Jeff Baldwin, May 7
  • Don Colglazier, May 9

Membership Anniversaries (May 7-13)

  • Alain Barker 5/13 (4 years)
  • David Meyer 5/13 (4 years)


Happy Dollars: Susie Graham collected “Happy Dollars” in support of Teachers Warehouse.


Thoughts for the Week:

“It will all be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.” -John Lennon

Reporter: Kyla Cox Deckard

Photographer: Charlie Osborne