Roundabout 3.5.19

Roundabout ~ March 5, 2019

Next meeting FRANGIPANI ROOM: Bloomington singer-songwriter Jeffrey Day Cannon comes to us with an unusual story. He has enjoyed national success as a contemporary folk touring artist, rock musician, choral and opera singer, producer, community arts organizer, and even street performer. He is also a lecturer in IU’s Kelley School of Business. In 2018 Jeff was commissioned as the composer of the Bloomington Community Song in honor of the city’s bicentennial. His composition, “Ride,” was released in November. The song celebrates Bloomington as a marvelously fertile place, where tradition and progress remain in productive tension. Jeff adds: “As it should be.” “Ride” is about a pace of life and a focus on the living, a place where life is not a race but a ride.


This Week’s News


Myanmar Water Project

The club has sent a check for $9,000 to J.T. Waring’s club to fulfill our pledge for the project. We must now raise those funds. President Loren Snyder has created an exhibit and asks members to drop their contributions in the well.

Service Project Needed for March

To continue the club’s “service every month” promise, members are invited to suggest a service project for March.

It Takes a Village

Bloomington Health Foundation will be the presenting sponsor for “It Takes a Village,” the collaboration of all three Bloomington Rotary clubs to host a resource fair for parents, infants, and toddlers (Saturday, May 18, noon to 4 p.m. at The Warehouse). Indiana has one of the highest rates of infant mortality in the nation; the fair is our effort to reduce it in our community.

Lunch Buddies

There is still time to have coffee or lunch with your January-March lunch buddy. Don’t forget to report to Natalie afterward. You have fun and claim a make-up, and the club’s attendance ratio increases – win-win-win!

Brown County Rotary Invites…

Brown County Rotary Club invites Bloomington Rotarians to the 2019 Taste of Art – Wine, Shine, & Beer tastings and art auction on March 23, at The Seasons Conference Center in Nashville. Tastings begin at 5 p.m.; the live art auction follows at 7 p.m. Tickets are $35 in advance and $40 at the door. All proceeds support educational initiatives for the youth in Brown County. For tickets and more information, visit:


March 5 Guest Presentation: Jon Barada


Michael Shermis introduced Jon Barada, president and CEO of Bloomington Health Foundation and a member of our club. Jon began his remarks by thanking the three area Rotary clubs for sponsoring “It Takes a Village” resource fair and noted it was an example of BHF’s new orientation to serving the community.

In 1967, the Local Council of Women created Bloomington Hospital Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to supporting Bloomington Hospital. The merger of the hospital into Clarion Health orphaned the Foundation and several similar ones around the state. When IU Health invited the Foundation to dissolve and gift its assets to a new statewide foundation, BHF declined. After extensive discussion, its board decided to remain independent and local and to extend its health initiatives beyond the walls of the hospital and into the community. Bloomington Health Foundation is the result.

In addition to Jon, BHF has three employees: CFO Heather Robertson, Vice President for Development Karin St. John, and Marketing/Special Events Manager Lauren Dexter. With a new larger field of interest, BHF began by meeting with 75+ community organizations to understand “how health happens. Three challenges emerged:

  • Substance use disorder (“It’s real. It’s huge,” Jon said);
  • Access to behavioral health services;
  • Non-emergent medical transportation, e.g., travel to doctors’ appointments, physical therapy, chemo, etc.

At its June 2018 official launch party, BHF announced $1 million in grants, including $500,000 for hospital needs and an equal amount to address the key issues, including $160,000 for a pediatric mental health specialist for Monroe County United Ministries child care, and $50,000 to the City and Centerstone to help recovering addicts back to work. At its holiday celebration, BHF made additional awards.

Jon summed up what BHF has learned in its first year. First, it’s not necessary to reinvent the wheel, because the Bloomington area has great organizational capacity to address the pressing needs. Second, defining health is difficult; it is an intimate and personal thing. Finally, BHF has received encouragement to grab the mantle of leadership and to continue to work cross-sector.


Our March 5 Weekly Celebration of Service

President Loren Snyder presided.

 Art Oehmich greeted Rotarians and guests.

Mike Baker led the pledge and reflection. As we anxiously await spring, he urged us to give thanks for “the courage winter proclaims” and the “withdrawal that is an essential part of renewal.”

Kate Cruikshank introduced guests:

  • Sherrie Shuler, Resource Development at United Way, guest of Liz Feitl
  • Heather Robinson, Bloomington Health Foundation, guest of Jean Emery
  • Tommy Bell, retired, guest of Jim Bright
  • Pablo Baques, Math and Technology Development, guest of Jim Bright
  • Megan Gearhart, RYE and Rotaract, guest of Art Oehmich


  • Bob Zaltsberg, March 3
  • Keith Miser, March 9

Membership anniversary

  • Liz Feitl, 15 years

Jean Emery collected Happy Dollars for Teachers Warehouse.

Thought for the week: “Don’t close the book when bad things happen in your life. Just turn the page and begin a new chapter.” – unknown; contributed by Jean Emery

Reporter: Sara Laughlin

Photographer: Charlie Osborne