Roundabout 12.18.18


December 18, 2018


Next Meeting

We will not meet again until January 8, 2019, when we will have a club assembly in the Frangipani Room. We will be celebrating the accomplishments of the Centennial and presenting our Next Big Objectives.


News of the Past Few Weeks

Holiday party kudos

Special thanks to Jean Emery, Joy Harter, and Natalie Blais for making the holiday party at the Country Club such an enjoyable event. Charlie Osbourne took photos of many of those who came. Most are posted on our Facebook page, Click on Photos and then Albums to see the holiday photos.

A Rotary sprout

New member Joe Darling and wife have a new son, Andrew. Congratulations!


A good new year’s resolution

Sign up for helping with January Fellowship:


Ring out, wild bells!

Thanks again to all those who rang bells in December for the Salvation Army. Lots of people helped, since we covered four Saturdays at College Mall: Mike Baker, Jeff Baldwin, Jim Bright, Phil and Ann Eskew, Susie Graham, Leslie Greene, Henk Haitjema, Rex Hillery, John Hobson, Bob Holt, Joe King, Owen Johnson, John Kirtland, Sara Laughlin, Julia Merkt, David Meyer, Steve and Sandy Moberly, Bill Murphy, Glenda Murray, Meagan Niese and children, Art Oehmich, Jerry Pagec, Jim Shea, and Bob Zaltsberg.

December 18 Presentation:

President Loren Snyder led us in a Rotary Trivia game. One table got all 20 answers correct! Trivia questions reminded us that Rotary was founded in Chicago and has 1.2 million members worldwide. Colonel Sanders and Walt Disney were both honorary members.



Our December 18 Weekly Gathering

President Loren Snyder led the meeting. Winston Shindell greeted us.

Glenda Murray led the pledge and gave a reflection about the six former Rotary presidents who have been recognized in the Monroe County Hall of Fame, which is located at Fountain Square Mall.

Owen Johnson introduced our guests:

  • Doris Monaghan, guest and mother of Liz Feitl
  • Al Feitl, guest and spouse of Liz Feitl
  • Megan Tomson, from WonderLab

Dan Preston spoke about his leave of absence for the next 18 months. He and his family are going to Europe in July. He will be doing research and working with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which is located in Paris. Dan and his family will be near Brighton, England, while he is at the University of Sussex. Best wishes, Dan!

Susie Graham collected Happy Dollars for Teachers Warehouse.

Membership birthdays during these weeks

  • Glen Inman 12/17
  • Amy Osajima 12/25
  • Katie Beck 12/27
  • Jon Barada 12/28
  • Lee Witt 12/29
  • Past president Tom Boone 12/30

Membership anniversaries

  • Peggie Frisbie 21 years
  • Paul Hazel 33 years

Loren’s thought for these weeks: “The holiday season is a perfect time to reflect on our blessings and seek out ways to make life better for those around us.” ~ Terri Marshall

Glenda Murray, Reporter

Charlie Osborne, Photographer