Roundabout 12.11.18

Roundabout ~ December 11, 2018

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Rotary Trivia/FUN!

Come find out what Loren and his merry band have planned for us in the Frangipani Room.


This Week’s News

New member Adam Novello, his sponsor Beth Rodriguez, new member Trent Deckard, with his sponsors Liz Feitl and Charlotte Zietlow


Welcome, Trent and Adam!

Membership chair Liz Irwin inducted two new members on Dec. 11. Trent Deckard is a visiting lecturer of communication at the Kelley School of Business. Previously Trent worked at the United Way of Monroe County and in various capacities with local, state, and federal elected officials. Trent is an eighth-generation Monroe County native and is married to Rotarian Kyla Cox Deckard. Trent’s sponsors are Liz Feitl and Charlotte Zietlow.

Adam Novello is a regional development officer for Youth First, Inc., where he handles fundraising and advocacy efforts in Monroe, Morgan, and Orange counties. Adam previously worked at the South Bend HealthWorks! Kids’ Museum and the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis. Adam’s sponsor is Beth Rodriguez.


December 12 Holiday Party


About 60 Rotarians and guests had a delicious dinner and delightful visits at our tables at the Bloomington Country Club. The gift exchange involved a fun game about “Suing Santa Claus.” Ellie Pruneau, an IU jazz pianist, played for us before dinner. She and Aubrey Seader, Rotary Global Scholar from Bloomington, who is studying in Great Britain, led us in singing some holiday songs to close the evening. Many thanks to Joy Harter and Jean Emery for coordinating and for President Loren Snyder for being the MC for an evening of fun and fellowship.


Twelve Months of Service: Salvation Army Bell-Ringing

We will ring the bells on Dec. 22. Thanks to all who have rung bells this year.


December 11 Presentation: Vicki Polansky

Photo of Vicki Polansky, Tomi and Jim Allison, all three of the Bloomington/Monroe County League of Women Voters, and Shari Frank, from the League of Women Voters of Brown County

Vicki Polansky, who is the managing editor of Slavica Publishers, spoke on behalf of the League of Women Voters (LWV). The state LWV has joined other nonprofits in a coalition to support changing Indiana law to have a nonpartisan commission determine voting districts in Indiana. The word “gerrymandering” dates to Elbridge Gerry, who signed the Declaration of Independence and served as the fifth vice president of the U.S. Gerry was the Massachusetts governor who in 1812 signed legislation designed to benefit one party by creating a very oddly designed legislative district that resembled a salamander.

In most states, including Indiana, legislatures draw the maps for their own districts as well as those of the U.S. Congress. This occurs each decade following the census. The League and others argue that gerrymandering adversely affects voters, interest in voting, and confidence in democracy. For example, if an area that has about 60 percent supporters of Party A is fairly redistricted, about three of five seats will usually be won by Party A. If the district is gerrymandered, it may be that Party A will win all the seats. Some voters will wonder why they bothered to vote since their vote didn’t count.

In 2018 two bills received hearings in Indiana, but neither progressed. Because redistricting will occur again in 2021, the League and other supporters see 2019 as crucial. If Indiana is to have a nonpartisan commission draw boundaries, the law needs to be passed in the 2019 session.



Our December 11 Weekly Gathering

President-Elect Earon Davis presided. Bill Perkins greeted us. Charlotte Zietlow led the pledge and gave a reflection about the word “indivisible.” She said we need to listen to each other if our country is really to be “indivisible.”


Winston Shindell introduced our guests:

  • Kaye Hill, guest of Glenda Murray and member of the League of Women Voters
  • Tomi Allison, guest of Glenda Murray and member of the LWV
  • Jim Allison, guest of Glenda Murray and member of the LWV
  • Tom Cook, guest and father of Liz Irwin
  • Steve Bishop, guest of Jean Emery
  • Wade Lowhorn, guest and co-worker of Adam Novello
  • Julie Hoon, guest and co-worker of Adam Novello
  • Sandy Keller, visiting Rotarian from Sunrise Rotary
  • Shari Frank, from the Brown County League of Women Voters

Membership Birthdays this week

  • Michael Shermis 12/10
  • Natalie Blais, 12/11
  • Jim Sims, 12/12
  • Emily Metzger, 12/14

Susie Graham collected Happy Dollars for Teachers Warehouse.

Loren’s thought for the week: For the first time in Rotary’s fight against polio the number of polio cases increased this year over last year. We must finish the job. “Never let a stumble in the road be the end of the journey.”

Glenda Murray, Reporter

Charlie Osborne, Photographer