Roundabout 10.23.18

Next Meeting

NO MEETING on October 30. Instead, go to the Kelley Business Outlook Panel on Thursday, November 1, at the Woolery Mill, 2250 W. Sunstone Drive. Lunch will be served at 11 a.m.


This Week’s News

A celebration of life service for club member Keith Brown will be at 11:00 a.m. Friday, October 26, at First United Methodist Church, 2019 E. 4th Street. Keith, a member since 1972, served as club president in 2001-02. The IU Trombone Choir will perform before the service, at 10:40 a.m. Doug Yeo, one of Keith’s students, wrote this moving tribute to Keith:


* Ten volunteers are needed for this month’s “Twelve Months of Service” project: working in the garden at WonderLab this Saturday, October 27, from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.

* Rotary Leadership Institute will take place October 27 in Vincennes.

* The Rotary Toast will be held on Friday, November 2, in Alumni Hall of the Indiana Memorial Union.  This year the Toast will honor Steve and Connie Ferguson. Get your tickets now – “It’s gonna be awesome!”

* The new quarterly Lunch Buddies program randomly pairs each Rotarian with another Rotarian in our club. You may be good friends with the other Rotarian or you may not know her or him. The idea is for the members of each pair to contact one another and set up a time to meet and visit, perhaps for lunch or for coffee or a late afternoon drink. The list is available from our club assistant and has also been distributed by email. Please get together before the end of the quarter. Next quarter a new Lunch Buddies list will be generated.


Funeral services for club member Jeffery Schauss will be at 2:00 p.m. Saturday, October 27, at Evangelical Community Church, 503 S. High St. A reception will follow. Jeffery died at his Bloomington home on Saturday, October 6.

A memorial service for club member Wain Martin, who died October 18, will be held at St. Mark’s United Methodist Church on Sunday, November 4. The family will receive visitors at 3 p.m., and the funeral service starts at 4 p.m. Donations of personal hygiene materials will be gladly accepted and forwarded to the correctional center.


October 23 Guest Presentation: Drs. Christopher and Sarah Lubienski, IU School of Education

Club member Tim Jessen introduced Dr. Sarah Lubienski, Interim Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, and Dr. Christopher Lubienski, Professor, in the School of Education at Indiana University to a large crowd of club members and guests. They talked about their 2013 book, The Public School Advantage: Why Public Schools Outperform Private Schools, and the political context surrounding their research.

Debates about how best to educate children have been perennial, and the controversy over school choice has been raging for a quarter-century. Charter schools, which compete with public schools for tax money, have about 6% of the nation’s students. The charter school movement brought together strange bedfellows: educational reformers and advocates of privatization.

In 1955 economist Milton Friedman proposed school vouchers, seen as another threat to public education. At first proponents used vouchers to avoid school desegregation. Then, in the 1970s, they became a tool used by liberal reformers to improve schools.

Do students learn better in public or private schools? The Lubienskis focused on mathematics education, starting with reform efforts by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics to teach more problem-solving and reasoning and less drill and memorization. They used large data sets, including the National Assessment of Educational Progress (the “Nation’s Report Card”) to compare math achievement among different types of schools. They found that overall public schools outperform religious, private, and charter schools in math achievement.

To counter criticism that the cross-sectional data is misleading, they perform statistical tests of longitudinal data, too. Their results were consistent: public school students did not have a head start in math, and achievement growth in public schools slightly outpaced that of private schools.

The Lubienskis first published their findings in academic journals and then as a book, which received a lot of media attention, some of it negative. Now they are involved in the public debate.

Some take-aways from their excellent presentation:

  • There are good schools (and bad ones)—private, public, charter, religious—all around, so don’t generalize unduly.
  • There are dangers in the greater autonomy of charter schools, because they don’t have to adhere to teacher certification or instructional standards.
  • Privatization of schools is not a panacea.
  • Although an individual child might benefit from moving to a higher-SES school, such actions are not scalable as a national policy.

There is a lot of heat in the current school choice debate. Kudos to the Drs. Lubienski for shedding some much needed light.



Our October 23 Weekly Gathering

President Loren Snyder presided.

 Dave Meyer greeted Rotarians and guests.

After leading the pledge, Tim Jessen spoke a few words in memory of club member Wain Martin, who passed away last Thursday after attending last week’s club meeting, also at St. Mark’s. Tim called the church “Wain’s place,” because he had been a long and faithful member. He came to Bloomington to work at IU in 1956. His life of service concentrated on work with persons incarcerated in the Monroe County Correctional Center. Wain was a founding member and continuing advisor of the New Leaf—New Life organization, concerned with transformative justice, personal growth, and self-advocacy. He sponsored the popular “jail bingo” at the correctional facility. Humble, caring, and self-effacing, Wain embodied the values of America, Rotary, and Methodism in his genuine love for humankind and concern for the less fortunate.

Sara Laughlin introduced our guests:

  • Cathy Fuentes-Rohwer, guest of Michael Shermis
  • Charlie Savage, guest of Susie Graham
  • Cody Schweighart, guest of Liz Irwin
  • Anne Bright, guest of Jim Bright
  • Rita Oates, guest of Bill Oates
  • Anne Fraker, guest of Dick Rose


Membership Anniversaries This Week

  • George “Tom”Boone            10 years
  • Bill Murphy                           11 years (in this club)

Birthdays This Week

  • Charlotte Zietlow      10/21
  • Mike Wade                   10/21
  • Susie Graham             10/22
  • Jim Santo                      10/22

Susie Graham collected Happy Dollars to support Teachers Warehouse.

Loren’s thought for the week:  “If you purchase a lottery ticket on Monday for a jackpot that is being held on Wednesday, you are 100 times more likely to die before the drawing is held than win the jackpot.”  ~ The Law of Large Numbers

James Capshew, Reporter

Charlie Osborne, Photographer